I’m curious…

Maybe, change is always at least a bit enriching.

Because, if you’re always saying yes to the same thing, you’re constantly refusing something else, stifling yourself into a tiny place of the familiar and even automatic. Why seeing giving up on something as a sacrifice, then, as missing on something? Since every time we choose, we’re not only saying no to this, but more importantly saying yes to the other. We could be joyfully experimenting and opening up for new things and tastes and experiences and places and sounds and selves. Putting something we’re used to at the side for a while and see what it’s on the other side, learn about another aspect of this world we think we know so well. Making choices with a different attitude, a different approach, with a bit of curiosity.

I was thinking a lot about it recently, trying to make some changes in my life myself, especially about things I may cling too tightly on. Trying to get some lessons from my own experiences, my own little experiments I used to do when I was younger, giving up my favourite band of the moment for a week or two, just to see what else is there. Not least of them, living without meat for more than a decade now, and I remember it started off as a try out, sort of ”let’s see what happens” thing. Or, when I had to give up all my comfy food, all the guilty pleasures, for a couple of months. I did admire my own persistence back then, yet what I was also noticing was that it came more easily than I had thought, partly because I knew I had to do it for health reasons, but partly as well because I decided to actually open up for the world of other flavours, outside of my favourites.

I remember a moment when I was eating an apple, chewing on that semi-sweet, semi-acid fresh texture I had known so well ever since my childhood, right… Still, I felt like I was tasting it for the first time. Because I wasn’t eating sugar and was avoiding some more sweet fruits, the stronger flavours in a way, at the moment, I fell in love with the most common of them all, which I had never really enjoyed before, and that has stuck with me. The lesson of leaving some room for surprises.

Anyway, my point is – maybe what is on the other side is just as good as what we always stick to, we’re just not as used to it. So, why not try and see and mix things up a bit. Let some fresh air in, into that little chunks of time that make up our life. I’m lately playing along and seeing what a day in some ways different to the habit, to the usual, to the plans, feels like. Maybe, some changes will become the new ordinary, or maybe I’ll just go back to the old. Maybe, the routine will become less written in hard stone, and as light as I want it, shifting in waves, juggling in the air when I feel like it.

Till then, I’ll happily laugh at my clumsiness in the still-in-the-experimenting-phase skills.


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