Music for re-falling in love with Paris and France

… and French as a language that still feels like it makes the simplest thing sound enchanting, literally.

And this scene that is in a way even richer than I imagined. And culture that loves words, loves life, loves poetry, loves literature, loves music, loves art, loves culture, period. And the sadness and the joy that dance together here. If I could feel at home in a feeling, it could just as well be the one I sense while listening French music, even though I can’t really explain why. These songs are just a minor drop in a massive wave, of course.

(Hint: The favourite, the one the most inspiring the mentioned feeling, is the last one, which you could easily guess if you knew me – it’s not just pure, but actual poetry put into music.)

Grand Blanc – Belleville: Finally, my almost-home has a pop song with the bestest video for my teenage self.

Nevché – Decibel: To listen late at night, lights out, while thinking about moving to Marseille, his town. (And to not forget, and wonder about over and over, the obsession of French people with their dearest – sadly departed and much missed – Johnny … Hallyday, of course.)

Clara Luciani – Les fleurs: For the Parisian blues.

Babx – Gaston Miron: Just ❤



  1. The spoken word in the last song (just the melody of it, I don’t speak French) reminded me of the film Les Uns et les Autres by Claude Lelouch, which I watched and rewatched all my life, all three hours of it, not just because of the Bolero, especially of its opening credits which are read aloud, and also of how much I wanted to learn French all my life, never Italian, but Poljanska gimnazija said You shall learn Spanish for four years, and so I did. 🙂 Never even a bit of French!

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    1. Oh I don’t know that movie, I need to check it out, sounds like I would love it 🙂 Poljanska gimnazija as Gimnazija Poljane? Don’t say we have that in common, too 😀 I rebelled and joined the minority of my class learning French, never regretted it. It’s never too late 😉

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      1. Yes, but I finished it in 1988. 😀 (Second foreign language Spanish, third German.) Beware, the film is an old-school musical of three generations with confusing casting where same actors play parents and children. 😉

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